at Visiting-The-Smith's we have created an ambience-oriented location for savvy workshops, off-site meetings, reality-driven consumer research and stimulating gatherings of all types

no doubt: environment & ambience can stimulate, enhance, trigger what you feel and think, and how you feel and think - ours is open and non-directional and unique enough to allow both: to get in touch with emotions and ease out of everyday mind sets - we count on the richness of reality

Visiting-The-Smith's is a home where you can feel relaxed, with some twists to experience challenge, nature to experience your senses, multi-dimensional experiences through color and texture... - and the latest technology too, since what you do it is not all about leisure and we are living in 2010

we have been able to generate wisdom - from: social sciences, marketers, agency teams, market researchers, developers, facilitators, moderators and thousands of consumers